Apartamenty na sprzedaż nad morzem

Apartments for sale by the sea

Apartments for sale by the sea are very popular among investors who treat them as a long-term capital investment. The question remains, how to choose the right property for investment?

A bunch of potential customers

When buying an apartment by the sea, we must consider who our potential client will be, i.e. who will actually rent it during the summer season? This is extremely important in the context of choosing a property with the right size. If the potential customers are families with children, it is good to buy a relatively large apartment. The optimal choice will be properties with 50-60 square meters. If we decide to rent an apartment mainly to students or couples, we can settle for an apartment of 30 square meters. Of course, the budget at our disposal is also of great importance here. Much more expensive will be real estate with a larger area, and we will pay less for smaller apartments.

Distance from the beach

The aspect that we must pay special attention to is the distance from the beach. Apartments by the seat hey can be located almost directly on the beach, but there are also those that are 10-15 kilometers away from it. Contrary to appearances, the latter are also very popular among both investors and tourists. They will be a great solution for those who do not have a very high budget or for people who would like to buy a larger apartment by the sea for the same price. Of course, if it is located away from the beach, we will have to pay special attention to the access roads – tourists will certainly ask us about it. Recently, houses or apartments that are located near the forest, away from the city hustle and bustle, have become very popular. Therefore, let’s not only take into account access to possible entertainment or shops – tourists who decide to rent our apartment, they will surely have a car. So they will – if necessary – be able to drive to the place of their choice. They do not care about the proximity of various types of amenities, but about peace and quiet. So if you don’t have a big budget and want to buy an apartment by the sea, real estate located a bit further from the beach may be a good solution.

Turnkey or for renovation?

Most apartments by the sea suitable for almost immediate habitation, but there are also those that require renovation work. The second of them is slightly cheaper, but let’s take into account that we will not necessarily be able to rent them this season. It all depends on how quickly the renovation company completes the necessary work. Let us remember that the season at the Polish seaside lasts only 2-3 months. If we buy an apartment by the sea in a larger city, we can also count on tourists in the off-season, but their number will not be as large as in the summer months. Therefore, a turnkey apartment often turns out to be a better investment. Even if we want to make some minor changes to it, they will not be as time-consuming as a full renovation. Thanks to this, we will be able to start renting faster, and thus, achieve profits. A turnkey property is a good solution for people who live in other parts of Poland or abroad. Thanks to this, they do not have to deal with time-consuming renovation, and thus stay at the seaside for a longer period of time. Let us note that recently more and more people from all over Poland decide to buy an apartment by the sea for investment purposes. Of course, we can entrust the care of the property to a specialized agency, but this entails additional costs.

When to buy an apartment by the sea?

Investors often wonder what is the best time to buy an apartment by the sea? Is it better to finalize the transaction in the summer season or maybe in the winter? To answer this question, let’s take a slightly broader look at the entire real estate market. Well, prices on it have been at a relatively stable, high level for several years. This means that we do not notice major price drops in the off-season or increases in the season. Even if they do, they are at a low level, so they do not have much impact on the price. Investors can therefore enter into a transaction at any time of the year without any damage to their finances. However, let’s take into account that when buying a property right before the season, we may not have enough time to prepare it for guests. We must complete the necessary formalities to be able to rent an apartment at all. What’s more, we’ll have to find customers who are easiest to find before the season. Investors are of the opinion that the optimal time to buy an apartment for investment is autumn and winter. The first tourists arrive at the seaside in May, so we have enough time to prepare for their arrival. What’s more, in this way we also give ourselves time to choose the best available apartment.

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