Ile kosztuje napisanie tekstu SEO?

How much does it cost to write SEO text?

How much does it cost to write SEO text? This is a question that copywriters who write texts, especially beginners, ask themselves. It is also an important issue for an entrepreneur who would like to invest in positioning his website. In fact, this topic is quite complex and there is no simple answer to this question.  

It is worth breaking this topic down and discussing what determines the price of the text and what options we have when it comes to lowering or increasing its price. Of course, those who earn money from texts will want their texts to be as expensive as possible, because that’s where their earnings are. On the other hand, people who will order them would like to pay as little as possible for them. The price for writing SEO text can be very different and depends on many aspects. How much does it cost to write an appropriate article by a copywriter?

What determines the price of SEO text?

For now, we will skip the issue of how they should be valued, and how SEO texts are valued by large positioning companies, by individual clients and by the copywriters themselves. First of all, we need to tell ourselves one important issue here, that positioning text is not equal to positioning text, even if we take two texts that were written with the same guidelines in mind. They may have a different value, even if they are written in a given category of texts. We must also tell ourselves here that we distinguish several categories of texts that usually differ in price. So we distinguish the simplest pretzel texts, background texts, specialist texts, blog texts or simply articles. So we already have a demarcation here, into at least a few categories, while within the same categories, there will be better and worse texts. Of course, a lot depends on how well we know how to write positioning texts and then we can really price such a text honestly, because two texts written in the same category, on the same topic and using the same keywords, as mentioned, can be worth a different price. This is influenced, among others, by the language of the written text, the number of keywords used and how they were used and how they were arranged.

Impact of keywords on the value of SEO text

We said a moment ago that the placement and type and use of keywords in the text can make a difference when it comes to its price. This is actually one of the bigger rules that govern the valuation of such texts, because if we have two similar texts with the given keywords, or even the same ones but in one text, for example, the keywords were used in the right amount, but quite densely and, for example, one in the same form, the text will be definitely less valuable than the text in which the same number of keywords was used, but a variation of this keyword was also used, synonyms were introduced in the keywords, and the keywords themselves are distributed throughout the text not only quite evenly, but also they are woven into various elements of the text, that is, for example, they are placed in paragraphs, in headings and in the title itself. Such a text, if it is still written in the correct language, can really be worth a lot, and if we want to earn money from texts, then we should try to write such texts. However, if we want to buy texts, it is not worth saving on it and buying texts of any kind. It is worth paying better money for a decent text and thanks to this, our website will actually be displayed better and higher, and thanks to this, we will most likely make more money. After all, that’s what positioning is all about.

How to evaluate SEO texts?

We will now move on to the last and the most important topic, which is how to value a text. For obvious reasons, we will omit here the example of various types of portals, on which the rates are most often imposed top-down, because regardless of what text we write, if it complies with certain guidelines, the money we get for it will be the same. Of course, the issue of whether customers can evaluate these texts in some way and whether the copywriter’s rate really depends on this may have some influence here. When it comes to pricing, certainly the more knowledge we have about SEO texts, the better we will price these texts. In fact, this is a very important issue here, but it depends on individual experience. Both the copywriter and the buyer, they should know how to write texts and evaluate them, because in such a situation they will reach an agreement quickly. The rates then are usually fair to both parties. The price is then high enough for the copywriter to earn his money, and at the same time low enough to be attractive to the buyer.

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