Ile naprawdę kosztuje pozycjonowanie strony?

How much does website positioning really cost?

How much does website positioning really cost? There is no one fixed price for website positioning. The costs will vary depending on the industry, competitiveness, city, e.g. Warsaw or Toruń, or the current state of the website. However, if you want your website to be displayed high in organic search results, you must expect to incur a considerable expense. The price can be as high as several thousand a month. Let’s see what it depends on and how to plan a budget and choose an agency so as not to overpay?

Agency and freelancer

We will meet completely different rates when we are dealing with an agency and a freelancer. The company has to incur additional costs, e.g. related to maintaining an office or hiring employees, so its costs will be much higher than in the case of a freelancer. This also has a significant impact on prices. However, in the case of agencies, we are sure that website positioning is performed by specialists who are always at our disposal in case of problems on the website.

So before you make a specific choice, carefully review the offers and read the reviews. Only in this way will you find out whether positioning services are provided in an honest way.

The first step in positioning – SEO audit

Regardless of the city in which you want to position your website, the first step of every positioner will be to conduct a specialized SEO audit. It is intended to show errors and the current state of the site, as well as to indicate opportunities that will help improve the visibility of the site. You can also conduct an SEO audit yourself, completely free of charge – however, it will be limited and if you do not know how to position websites, you can only hurt yourself. The price of the audit is not fixed and depends on the amount of work performed. Ranges start from a few hundred zlotys and end up at several thousand in the case of really extensive pages.

When positioning a website in Warsaw or another larger city , you have to take into account higher rates. This is due to the greater competitiveness of companies and the greater amount of work to be done.

Website positioning costs – what are they included?

Website positioning is an extremely complicated process that consists of several main elements. This includes activities focused on improving the functioning of the website and its content, as well as external activities. Developing a long-term strategy is also key. It will be different for each company and must take into account many factors, such as:

  • competitiveness;
  • proper selection of key phrases;
  • preparation of texts for SEO;
  • creating good external linking;
  • optimization of the website (including its code and responsiveness).

In the end, we can pay up to several thousand zlotys for monthly website positioning services. It is worth remembering here that this is a long and continuous process. Once the results are achieved, you need to make sure that the page is displayed high in organic search results all the time.

Preparing a strategy based on keywords

The first step after an SEO audit is to review keywords and select them based on their popularity, potential and competitiveness. Then, it is good for the agency to plan exactly how the phrases will be used – in articles on the company’s blog, in catalog descriptions or sponsored texts. The preparation of the strategy itself is a cost ranging from PLN 1,000 to PLN 5,000 in larger cities, e.g. in Warsaw. However, a well-designed action plan means that we make fewer mistakes in the future and achieve better results.

Creation of SEO texts

Content for SEO is usually billed based on characters, so their price depends on the total length of the article. However, the length of the text may vary. To achieve good results in website positioning, you need content that is often longer than what the competition already has. The costs are also reflected in the type of text itself – positioning blog entries are billed differently, product descriptions differently, and texts for external portals, i.e. the so-called. backend content.

Ultimately, the cost of one text is several dozen or even several hundred zlotys. The amount of content prepared per month is also important – agencies often accept one entry per week. Some texts are created for external websites and placed in order to obtain links. Dozens of links per month obtained from various places can cost up to PLN 1,000.

Optimization of existing content

When positioning a website in Warsaw or another city, agencies also take into account the optimization of existing texts on the website. As part of this service, they conduct a thorough analysis of the selection of keywords, their current placement in the content, as well as formatting, images and internal linking. This is a process that can take over an hour for larger items. The cost depends on the length of the text or the time spent on the task. In most cases, it is PLN 100-300 for one article.

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