Jak wybrać odpowiedni stolik kawowy

How to choose the right coffee table

As soon as we have a moment of relaxation, we sit on our comfortable sofa, take a book in our hands and drink freshly brewed coffee. We put the coffee on a handy and elegant coffee table. This piece of furniture is not large, but we may have a problem with its choice. What should we pay attention to and how to choose the right coffee table? Let’s check it. 

Quite a difficult choice

A coffee table is a practical piece of furniture. In addition to the functions from which its name directly derives, it has many other uses. Most often, next to the coffee, we put refreshments for our guests on such a table. In addition, we usually put TV remote controls on it, and there should be space for magazines and newspapers on the bottom shelf. In some cases, the table will also serve as an additional seat. There is no doubt that the coffee table is a key piece of furniture in the living room. There is a reason why it is located in the center of a given room. This is why it is important that we think carefully about the purchase. We should analyze both the aesthetic and practical aspects.

The choice of a coffee table is dictated, of course, to a large extent by the interior design itself and our individual preferences. Fortunately, we have a very large selection of tables on the market. They are available in various sizes, shapes, styles and designs. We are primarily interested in a coffee table that can be placed in a minimalist, modern and also Scandinavian interior. Although in this case, any rules for choosing a table will not be fundamentally different. Before choosing a coffee table, we must consider some of the most important elements.

Functionality and application

Is our coffee table supposed to be just a table, or is it supposed to fulfill other functions as well? What are we going to put on it? Do we want to eat a meal on it? Will the table stand in one place or will we decide on a mobile table, for example a model on wheels?

The size of the table should be adapted directly to the size of the room and the needs of the family. Sometimes it’s hard to combine these two parameters, but it’s definitely worth a try. A massive table will overwhelm a small living room, and a small and decorative coffee table will not be useful if you have a large family.

When it comes to style and design, we have two main options to choose from. We can choose a coffee table to match the style and furniture of the living room, or we can do the opposite. We place it as a contrasting element that can add character to our interior. The second option will work perfectly in Scandinavian interiors, where simple and minimalist lines are broken with a very interesting design of the coffee table. We must honestly admit that option number two is much closer to us. Especially that in Scandinavian designers’ proposals we will find a lot of tables that catch the eye with their design and shapes.

Have you taken measurements yet?

In addition to issues directly related to functionality, appearance or aesthetics, there are also general tips that relate to the arrangement of the furniture in space. We must take a measure in hand and make very thorough and detailed measurements of the sofa, couch, as well as the space between the furniture. What should we necessarily measure?

First, we need to measure the seat height of our couch or sofa. The rule is that coffee tables should be similar in height to the height of leisure furniture. The optimal table is at least forty centimeters high and certainly not higher than fifty-five centimeters. Secondly, the optimal distance between the table and the sofa is very important. How much should it be? About forty-five centimeters, so that we can move freely and sit comfortably.

The coffee table should also not be too close to the TV. The minimum distance from the TV set is eighty centimeters. The size of the table should be adjusted to the size of the resting furniture. In the interior, tables with a maximum size of 2/3 of the sofa look best.

As you can see, there are many factors that influence the choice of a coffee table. We should spend time on analysis, so that later we can relax with great pleasure over coffee and at the table.

We recommend buying a coffee table in the online store. We have all dimensions listed, we can measure our room on an ongoing basis and make a specific choice. We also have a much larger selection in online stores than in brick-and-mortar stores. In addition, coffee tables are available at much lower prices. Since we can pay much less for a good quality coffee table, it would be a pity not to take advantage of this opportunity.

Let’s also make sure that we choose a table made of good quality materials that will guarantee the durability of the table for many, many years. We invite you to choose the tables for our showroom.

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