Jak leczyć uzależnienie od komputera?

How to cure computer addiction?

How to cure computer addiction? Nowadays, many young people spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Online lessons, homework, projects, presentations, games, work – all this means that sometimes we do not break away from the computer. After a while, this can lead to a dangerous addiction.

What exactly is computer addiction? What are the main symptoms of computer addiction? What are the effects of computer addiction? How to cure computer addiction? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

Computer Addiction – What is it?

Before we begin any consideration of computer addiction, it is worth considering what it actually is. First of all, we must be aware that nowadays each of us has access to both a computer and the Internet. This is actually normal in most homes, even more so if it’s the younger generation of parents. Unfortunately, this leads to the fact that we can increasingly see addiction to the use of these latest technologies. Interestingly, it can occur in both young people and adults, but the first group is definitely a common case. The modern generation is brought up on modern technology, as a consequence it leads to the fact that it cannot imagine life without these amenities. Children from an early age use the telephone, computer. They do their homework with a laptop, and after that they read books or watch movies – also on the previously mentioned devices. What’s more, more and more lessons are conducted on the computer. The biggest problem, however, are the games, which are very addictive. For many, it is a perfect replacement for meeting with peers.

Basic symptoms of computer addiction

Wondering how to cure computer addiction? First, you need to know the basic symptoms. Addiction becomes seriously dangerous when there are notoriously situations in which the use of the computer becomes a priority for us. As a consequence, spending time in the virtual world, we neglect school, work, friends. Often we don’t even realize it is so. A sick person may feel angry, dissatisfied and anxious when unable to use a computer. The only satisfaction he gets is sitting in front of a monitor screen. Unfortunately, the addicted person is sure that he spends relatively little time on this type of device, definitely not enough. After a while, the computer is the only hobby of the addicted person – nothing else matters to him. That is why it is so important for parents to monitor their children’s behavior. If they spend many hours a day in front of games, additionally they become aggressive when we ban the use of electronics, then this is a serious signal that may indicate that addiction has occurred.

What are the effects of computer addiction?

Probably many people ask themselves how to cure computer addiction. This is an extremely important issue, because if left untreated, serious consequences can occur. We can distinguish several categories of effects: psychological, social, moral, intellectual. The primary effects (which can sometimes also be referred to as symptoms) include rapid changes in behavior, difficulty making contacts, avoidance of interpersonal relationships, loss of the boundary between the virtual and real world, problems with memory or concentration, loss of interest, lack of aspirations, loss of the line between good and evil and many others. Losing friends in the real world is quite common. Addicts prefer to spend time with people they met online, who are sometimes several hundred kilometers away. As a consequence, social gatherings are minimized and the addict does not leave the house. Muscle wasting can be a serious consequence. It is worth paying attention to the vision defect – it has been confirmed by research that looking at the screen for a long time can tire our eyes to a large extent.

How to cure computer addiction? Tips for parents

How to cure computer addiction? Well, the whole process should start when the patient begins to see his problem. Specialists help identify the problem and then teach us how to control the time we spend online. There is therapy in the center that causes the patient to open up to the real world. A common phenomenon then is sports training and outdoor activities. If, as parents, we notice suspicious behavior, it is worth taking action. First of all, we need to have honest and open conversations. Boundaries should be clearly set and respected. Let’s set responsibilities for children and suggest alternative ways of spending free time (e.g. swimming, music school). Let’s take care of spending time together, and let’s determine the importance of electronic media.

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