Jak przygotować się do przeprowadzki?

How to prepare for moving?

How to prepare for moving? Changing the place of residence is a difficult event for each of us. Regardless of age, it is associated with all kinds of emotions. However, it is worth making efforts to make it run quickly and efficiently. In order to do that, we need to be prepared for it. We suggest how we can do it and what is worth remembering.

What formalities must be completed before moving?

Before we start packing all the belongings in cartons for moving , we have to complete some formalities. Already about a month before the planned place of residence, we should take care of all official matters. It is also worth giving notice to companies providing television or telecommunications services a month in advance. We should also inform certain institutions about our plans, such as: the Tax Office, the Post Office, the bank, the Social Insurance Institution and the insurance company. It is also good to notify the clinic to which we are registered. We should also take leave early enough for the move and discuss the details with the company offering furniture transport .

Where to start packing?

Packing all your family’s belongings can be quite a challenge. It is good to prepare an appropriate action plan and schedule that will allow for better organization. This plan should include general cleanup. This point is extremely important. Thanks to this, we will be able to get rid of unnecessary clothes, cosmetics, equipment and many other unnecessary items. We don’t have to throw them away – we can sell them on local sales groups or give them to those in need.

What to do with the rest of the stuff? Well, the rest of the things, i.e. those that are necessary for us, we have to pack in the right way. Even if we decide to cooperate with a moving company, we, as principals, must properly secure our belongings. This will ensure that the items are delivered intact, even if we use the services of companies offering transport of furniture with bringing in.It will certainly be necessary to prepare the right amount of cartons and bags. You will also need bubble wrap, thanks to which you can safely transport glass or porcelain. It is also worth making sure that items from a given category are in separate boxes. So, clothes, books, dishes, etc. should be packed separately. Firstly, such a system will make it easier for us to pack, and secondly, it will make it easier to unpack in a new place.

When packing cartons, it is good to keep a record of what has already been packed. Such a list, stuck in a visible place, can be a great help. Thanks to it, we can easily find the items we need quickly. It is best to start packing about two weeks before the planned move, starting with those items that we least need. It is also worth preparing the first aid box. It is a cardboard box that should contain all the things you will need during the first days in your new apartment. It can be, for example: pajamas, clothes, charger, cosmetics, towel and basic kitchen utensils.

What else should you keep in mind when preparing to move?

It may be important to determine such issues as childcare, pet care or proper transport of necessary documents. It is worth thinking about it early enough, because leaving it to the last minute, we can cause additional problems. The help of grandparents and other family members who will take care of the children during the move can be invaluable. Documents, on the other hand, should be secured in such a way as to prevent their possible loss.

One week before the move, we must remember to close all formal matters. They may concern the termination of recent contracts or returning books and films to the lending library.

The day before the move, all our things should be packed. It’s a good idea to make sure you’ve thoroughly emptied all your furniture. It may also be necessary to unscrew the plate from the front door with our name on it. Sometimes it is necessary to write down the delivery and acceptance protocol. We should also remember to carefully hide the most important documents and keys. Before the arrival of employees from the moving company, we should write down the state of the meters.

How to find a moving company?

Finding the right company is not an easy task. On the Internet, we can find a lot of ads of people who offer moving companies, office removals and other services. So what should we pay attention to? Probably for most of us, the main determinant is the price. This is not always a good criterion, because most often the price goes hand in hand with quality. It is better to choose companies that can boast many years of experience, e.g. in international removals . This may prove that its employees are reliable and trustworthy, and the services offered are at the highest level.

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