Jak rozpoznać uzależnienie od dopalaczy?

How to recognize drug addiction?

How to recognize drug addiction? From an early age, we are taught that legal highs are harmful to our health and can have disastrous consequences. Unfortunately, curiosity and the desire to try something new mean that more and more children and adults decide to take legal highs, which can later turn into addiction.

What exactly are boosters? What types of boosters can we distinguish? What is drug addiction? How to recognize drug addiction in children? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

Boosters – what are they?

Before we start thinking about how to recognize addiction to legal highs, we should first know what these substances actually are. Well, if we decided to define this concept, then we could come to the conclusion that these are certain products that contain psychoactive substances in their composition. These affect our nervous system in a similar way to hard drugs. These types of specifics are produced both by humans and are obtained from many plants. They have a destructive effect on our body, which is why taking them is extremely dangerous. Their consumption is primarily aimed at obtaining a narcotic effect, i.e. leading to changes in human behavior, or in the perception of the surrounding reality. We can definitely say.

What types of boosters can we distinguish?

Since we are aware of what legal highs actually are, it is worth considering what types we can distinguish. There is no denying that access to these modified drugs is huge. Addiction is becoming more and more common among people at a younger age. Legal highs can be divided into three groups: agents of plant origin, agents of synthetic origin and synthetic agents containing one substance that is not prohibited. In the former case, these are agents that have a similar application to tobacco, but they work completely differently, because the effects are similar to those of marijuana or opium. It is also worth remembering that the composition can also be enhanced with various chemical compounds. When it comes to synthetic agents, they are usually available in the form of tablets or powder in bags. Most often, these are mixtures of opioids, among which we can distinguish hallucinogenic and stimulant ones. The last highlighted group has recently enjoyed much less popularity. Possible remedies are most often distributed in the form of capsules, licking tags or other forms.

What is drug addiction?

People who have less severe symptoms of poisoning relatively rarely reach specialist health care facilities. People with severe poisoning and other problems that require medical intervention are usually admitted to the ward. It is worth realizing that the treatment of addiction consists primarily in comprehensive activities, thanks to which the patient is able to return to normal functioning. People who take measures for a long period of time must undergo specialized detoxification – thanks to it it is possible to eliminate toxic compounds. In the case of some patients, not only the phenomenon of addiction, but also chronic mental disorders may occur. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that the standards of pharmacotherapy are rarely used in medical treatment. Psychosocial interventions aimed at directing the patient to professional individual or group psychotherapy are definitely more popular. Addicts are particularly aware of the destructive effect of drugs on the body.

How to recognize drug addiction in children?

There is no denying that, despite the official ban, nowadays it is relatively easy to buy legal highs on the black market. Consequently, this leads to more and more young people trying such substances, which often leads to serious dependence. So how can we recognize addiction in our children? First of all, it is worth paying attention to whether we see suspicious items in the form of lighters, tissue paper, spoons, aluminum foil, syringes – the previously mentioned items are often used to take designer drugs. Particular attention should also be paid to changes in behavior. These may include, for example, mood swings, unusual behavior inadequate to the situation, weakening of interests. Direct changes in appearance and eating habits are also often seen. A person using legal highs often makes a sick persona. The immediate symptoms that are worrying are glassy eyes, abnormal pupils, palpitations, headaches.

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