Jak zdejmować lakier hybrydowy?

How to remove hybrid varnish?

How to remove hybrid varnish? Hybrid varnishes make it possible to enjoy beautiful nails for a long time. However, over time, the plate will grow back, and the hybrid will need to be supplemented or removed and replaced with a new one. How to do it?

How to remove hybrid varnish?

Among the ways to remove hybrid varnish, we can distinguish both professional and home ones. The first ones can be found in all kinds of beauty salons and nail spas. Professional hybrid removal methods include:

  • nail trimmer,
  • Soaking liquid.

Although both of these methods can also be done at home, they will still be professional methods. In addition to them, we also distinguish typical home methods. Home remedies for removing hybrid varnish include:

  • Soaking in acetone,
  • Sawing with files.

Professional methods of removing the hybrid

Professional methods for removing hybrid varnish are often associated with the purchase of appropriate tools. While the equipment of beauty salons includes both appropriate milling machines and soaking utensils, when trying these types of methods at home, we must be prepared for the fact that we will have to visit a cosmetics store and buy these things.

Removing the hybrid with a nail drill

The milling machine is a device that allows you to professionally remove the hybrid varnish from the nails. It usually has a pedal, thanks to which you can control its power. In addition, you should expect a set of several tips that will enable very precise removal of the nail polish from the entire surface of the nail, including hard-to-reach corners near the cuticles. Every good nail accessories store should be equipped with this type of equipment, so it is easily available.

The milling machine works like an automatic nail file. Thanks to the properly selected granularity of the tip in combination with the right rotation, layer after layer removes the hybrid varnish from the nail until the natural nail plate remains.

Removing the hybrid by soaking

Another way to remove the hybrid is the so-called soaking the nails in a liquid intended for this purpose. This method resembles the traditional removal of varnish with acetone remover, but here we usually use more delicate liquids with a mild fragrance. This is because the action of the substance on the nails, and at the same time on our skin, is longer. Our local wholesaler with nail accessories should be interested in this type of product.

There are several ways to soak your nails. Probably the most common method is to pour the liquid into a container and dip the nails in it for about five minutes. Another method is to soak a cotton ball in plenty of liquid. Put a cotton pad on the nail and let the substance act for about five minutes.

It is worth remembering that soaking does not mean that we can completely give up filing nails. Often, to leave the natural plate alone, you will need to polish its surface with a special file to remove the remains of the hybrid.

Home remedies for removing hybrids

In addition to the methods used by people professionally dealing with nail cosmetics, there are also so-called home methods for removing the hybrid. They are characterized by the fact that we can make them using products that we have at home, or those that we can easily buy in a nearby supermarket or grocery store.

Soaking in acetone

Acetone is just plain nail polish remover. Yes – he can also deal with hybrid, but for this to happen, we have to expose our nails to this substance for a long time. This can cause the plate to dry out, so you have to do it skillfully.

First of all, it is worth using a file to file the top layer of the hybrid, then the soaking time will be shorter. We soak the remaining hybrid, but do not do it by putting your nails into a container with acetone. It will be faster and safer to put a cotton swab soaked in the preparation on the nail. For a better effect, we can additionally wrap it with aluminum foil.

After about five minutes, we can remove the cotton pad and check if the hybrid has begun to wrinkle and come away easily from the nail. If so, this is a good time to remove it with a wooden hoof that we usually use for ordinary nail care. However, if the polish is still difficult to remove, then you need to apply the swab again and wait a few more minutes. Let’s not forget to apply olive oil on the nails after the process is complete. This will allow them to be moisturized and strengthened after contact with acetone.

Sawing with files

If we want not to expose our nails to harmful substances such as acetone, the hybrid can also be removed with files. You will then need files of different gradation, but we can easily buy them at the drugstore, and often even in supermarkets. Start sawing with the file with the coarsest grain. It is with its help that we remove the top layer of the hybrid. The less hybrid remains, the smaller the gradation of the file should be. It is also worth bearing in mind that if we plan to put another hybrid after the whole process, there is no need to remove the base when sawing.

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