Czy warto wynająć namiot na wesele?

Is it worth renting a tent for a wedding?

Is it worth renting a tent for a wedding? Tent halls, the rental of which is so popular today, fulfill many different roles. Very often, they are rented by companies that want to show themselves at fairs far from their headquarters or need a temporary place for a warehouse.

As it turns out, however, they are most popular among private individuals, who most often organize various types of events – especially those of a family nature that take place outdoors and can use banquet tents. Renting those intended for weddings is the most popular. Is it really worth opting for? How much to rent such a tent and what else you need to know about the whole process? We will tell you all about it in our today’s post.

Tents for a wedding – renting, but is it profitable?

Event tents, the rental of which is used for private purposes , are not so popular for no reason. They are something that has saved many people’s lives (figuratively, of course), and most of all, funds. They are great primarily because:

  • they are a cheap alternative to a wedding hall – tent halls, which can be rented in order to organize a wedding there, are something incredibly cheap. The price of this rental cannot be compared with the cost of renting a wedding hall – especially if you have enough space (for example on your plot) to place them there. As you know, organizing a wedding can be very expensive, and the lion’s share of the costs is eaten up by the hall – in the case of this type of rental, we get rid of this cost and gain an option that is not only convenient and practical, but also liked by guests, because it is modern;
  • they allow you to organize a wedding party in any free space – tents can be set up in absolutely any place. In the case of a wedding, it should be adapted to its scale and the number of guests whose stay is planned. You can rent a place for a tent, or put it in your own yard or plot. There are plenty of options, and this allows you to take your own wedding anywhere, also incredibly picturesque, impossible to choose in the case of a standard wedding hall (after all, imposing certain restrictions);
  • are considered an ingenious form of organizing a wedding – people love spending time outdoors – they also love imaginative events. A wedding organized just outside the wedding hall can be considered just such. It is a great option for all those who want to make this day special, and at the same time do not want to repeat the usual patterns related to the “rigid” organization of weddings in four walls;
  • they can be adapted in any way – a wedding organized in a tent is one of the most susceptible to modifications. Everything is arranged in it the way you want, including the arrangement of tables, the organization of other types of places, but also the space it gives. Therefore, you can be sure that the wedding will be just perfect.

Where to rent a tent?

When it comes to tent halls, it is best to entrust their rental to a company that has a reputation on the market and is known for the quality of its products. This is due to the fact that, despite being a solid structure, if not taken care of their technical condition, they can contribute to a disaster (for example, they fall apart at the event site). Of course, this happens extremely rarely and only when reaching for the services of companies with a dubious reputation, but you still just have to be careful about it. There are many companies that specialize in wedding tents. Rent however, it is such a specific form of cooperation that it is best to choose a company that operates nearby – in such a way that the rented tents can be returned or replaced in a few moments. As it was mentioned earlier, their modular construction allows you to freely expand the exhibition tents . Renting too few modules often ends up having to visit the rental company again and simply renting additional ones (it is possible!). So when you reach for a company from the area of ​​your place of residence / organization of the event, you will be sure that it can be carried out quite efficiently.


There are many reasons why event tents are so popular among wedding planners. Renting them is cheap, and by the way, it can be considered a great idea for an unconventional, outdoor event. However, it is worth remembering that in the company of tents, you should also rent a dance floor (wedding guests must have somewhere to dance after all), and the tent should be chosen in a size that will not only easily accommodate all guests, but also give them the greatest freedom of movement myself. Fortunately, however, the great freedom offered by exhibition tents will help. Renting them for a wedding can’t end badly – it’s worth taking it and simply saving on this already expensive event.

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