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Nail milling machine ranking

Nail milling machine ranking: jokingly also called a grinder, it is a type of device specially designed for hand and foot care. The nail plate is modeled, the device removes the cuticles, as it is necessary to perform a manicure or pedicure. This equipment is used not only in beauty salons, but also at home. Therefore, if you are planning to buy it, but you do not know which milling machine to choose, read below. Our ranking of milling machines will help you make a purchase decision.

Good advice

Not sure which home nail drill is the best? Read our buying guide! It explains how to choose the best model among all devices available on the market. We present the most important parameters and types of tools. In addition, we answer questions about the price and the possibility of purchasing the selected milling machine. Check now what will be the best for you and what features high-quality manicure and pedicure sets have.


  1. Neonail 65W The best nail milling machine in our ranking is Neonail 65W. The device has high power and the ability to adjust the speed. It is small in size and has a comfortable handle, thanks to which even a novice manicurist will appreciate its operation.
    The Neonail 65W nail milling machine is a very high-quality equipment for nail styling. It is equipped with a foot pedal, thanks to which we can easily adjust the rotational speed of the cutter. It will not interfere with work. Of course, you can also use the regulator to change the speed. The milling machine is suitable for natural and artificial nails. The advantage is also that the tool can be changed quickly and easily. The set includes 3 knives, 1 polishing pad and 1 spindle holder. The latter can eliminate keratinized epidermis, as well as acrylic and gel blocks. This professional nail milling machine is a device with a lot of power – 65 W. It is characterized by a high number of revolutions per minute – 35,000. It is worth noting that it is a product suitable for home use and beauty salons. Therefore, it is also suitable for beginner manicurists. Comfortable handle ensures comfortable use. In addition, it is a small device that can work when plugged into an outlet. Its price is approx. PLN 445.
  2. Semilac Beauty Salon Diament 48W Semilac Beauty Salon Diament 48W is a nail milling machine that can be used at home. It has many different covering layers and techniques to choose from for comprehensive nail care. In addition, it is comfortable and quiet to use.
    Semilac Beauty Salon Diamond 48W is a high-quality 48W milling machine for nail care. It is perfect for exfoliating the stratum corneum, preparing the nail plate and removing manicure. It is equipped with a brushless motor, so no noise is generated during operation. The device has a touch panel that allows you to quickly change the direction of rotation. Two LEDs indicate the direction of the current. The advantage of the Semilac milling machine is the ability to adjust the speed. This is done with knobs or pedals. Why did this model pass our milling machine test? Because it has 6 different gradient overlays and 6 tooltips. Thanks to this, it can align, model and polish nails. In addition, it is suitable for removing dead skin, tips and lumps: hybrids, gels and acrylic gels. To do this, just put the appropriate cover on the end mill. It should also be noted that the advantage is the simple way to change the tool. How much do we have to pay for this product? In relation to PLN 520, this means that it is the most expensive milling machine in our ranking.
  3. Semilac 24W The Semilac 24W nail milling machine is a high-quality equipment that can work at home. It is compact, comfortable to hold, safe and quiet. Its advantage is a set of tools and an affordable price, lower than PLN 300. Semilac 24W is an excellent product suitable for beginners in nail styling, ensuring high comfort of work. The device is small with holes for knives and handles that will help keep order during manicure. The handle itself is very comfortable to hold and very light. In addition, the milling machine has a speed regulation function (up to 30,000 times per minute). Like the top models in the ranking, it can be changed in two ways: with a knob or a pedal. In addition, the advantage of this equipment is that it works quietly and efficiently without vibrations. The suggested milling machine has a power of 24 W, Thanks to this, the equipment is safe for beginner manicurists. The set has 6 milling cutters, with the help of which we will make miracles out of nails. Thanks to this device, we will get rid of the old hybrid and remove the dead skin. Easily replace cutters. Perfect for beginners, due to the possibilities and price – it costs about PLN 280.
  4. SUNONE JD108-HSunone JD108-H is an ideal milling machine with high power, as much as 65 W. It is equipped with a ceramic cone that removes mass in a very gentle way. It rotates both to the right and to the left. It has smooth speed regulation. The price of the milling machine is about PLN 380

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