Jaki może być przewodnik, czyli różnice pomiędzy górskim, terenowym a miejskim?

What can be a guide, i.e. the differences between mountain, off-road and urban?

What can be a guide, i.e. the differences between mountain, off-road and urban? Traveling seems natural for a man who is often curious about what is new. At the same time, it is an opportunity to stay in many new places, and in addition, an opportunity to visit new facilities. Usually it is also embellished with an interesting story. First of all, the exploration of new terrain offers many opportunities to gain experiences.

The guide is a person who can help us get to know the visited places better. This is done, if only because of the knowledge by such a person of a lot of information that relates to the described region or object. This is a person who must be very knowledgeable, but also must have the ability to present information in an interesting way. This profession itself is available in several variants depending on the qualifications held. This answers the question of what a guide can be. The answer to this will be presented in the framework of this article.

Types of permissions for a guide

A tourist guide is a profession that can also occur in several types depending on the qualifications held. First of all, a division into classes should be distinguished, to which the guide belongs: mountain, off-road and urban. In general, the first deals with the representation of specific mountain areas. The second deals mainly with describing the given regions, which are usually limited to the level of a voivodship, poviat or commune. The latter deals with cities and suburban areas. It is this profession that we know from visiting the largest cities of the country. The guide to Szczecin is a representative of this group, while the field guide may deal with, for example, the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship.

Mountain guide – who is he and how to become one?

Many people who love the mountains would like to become mountain guides. We can achieve this by fulfilling a number of requirements. The basic ones are the requirement to be at least 18 years old, no criminal record and at least secondary education. This is the absolute basis. It is also necessary to take part in theoretical training and practice in the mountains. The whole thing should be crowned with passing the exam for a mountain guide. Only then can we talk about having a license to practice this profession. As a result, you can look for a job in your profession. It consists in guiding tourists around the mountains. This requires not only having the appropriate knowledge of the explored area, but also the ability to control space, the condition of tourists or non-obvious situations that sometimes happen in the mountains.

Field guide, i.e. showing around a specific area

Obtaining the authorization itself looks similar to the previous case. It is necessary to meet the same requirements, and then also pass the exam (of course, another one). In this situation, authorizations to drive in a given area are granted. What area could this be? It may be different. Sometimes we can drive in the province, and sometimes within the commune. It all depends on the knowledge we have and the subsequent idea of ​​​​guiding tourism. An area may also be represented by a county.

A guide to the city, i.e. knowledge about the city, culture and history

A city guide takes you around the city or suburban areas. Often it is not a very large area, but it requires detailed knowledge that concerns various fields of science, e.g. geography, history and sociology. Getting permission is also similar to what was presented earlier. Sightseeing in Szczecin can be enriched thanks to the work of a city guide. In this situation, the most important thing is to know foreign languages, because in many Polish cities it is foreigners who use such services. Guide in Szczecinand other cities of similar size, is a profession in high demand. Especially if you have the qualities that make you do your job well. The basis is knowledge and familiarity with the described place. It is also important to be able to establish contacts with people to be able to adapt to their needs. These vary from group to group and each time it looks a little different. Catching a common language will allow customers to extract even more joy from the tour itself. It seems that the most important thing is the passion for doing your job. Knowledge often comes from this aspect.


What can a guide be like? The answer to such a question is that it depends primarily on the permissions you have. On this basis, we distinguish between mountain, field and city guides. Such a division indicates different areas of activity. The names here are highly suggestive. A mountain guide shows you around the mountains, a field guide deals with a certain area (e.g. a province, county or commune), and a city guide deals with the city or suburban area. Despite this division, we should know that the issue of acquiring powers is similar in all variants, and desirable features are usually unrelated to this division (although, of course, this is not a perfect translation and there will be some differences in this respect).

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