Jak wygląda rozwód?

What does a divorce look like?

What does a divorce look like? A divorce law firm is a place where anyone who wants to prepare for a divorce can go. Unfortunately, divorce is very common, even though most people seriously fear it. No wonder, because preparing for a divorce hearing is not easy. In addition, you have to take into account the emotional costs of divorce.

It should also not be forgotten that even the best divorce lawyer will not give us a guarantee that the divorce will go our way. However, it is definitely worth knowing the course of the divorce hearing, because it can avoid many misunderstandings.

You have to file a lawsuit first

It has been known for a long time that a divorce law firm deals, among other things, with the preparation of lawsuits. It is the lawsuit that is the introduction to the divorce hearing and it is worth being aware of it. Without filing a petition, the court will not be able to grant a divorce. All because it is the spouses who decide whether they want to divorce or not. Of course, it doesn’t always happen that both sides agree. Then one of them files a lawsuit, and the other has no choice but to appear in court. Not everyone knows what a lawsuit should look like and how to file it. Unfortunately, any formal deficiencies may result in the court rejecting the claim. For this reason, it is better to hire a good lawyer. He will certainly be able to draw up a lawsuit on our behalf. Thanks to this solution, many people do not stress divorce so much. It should not be forgotten that the lawsuit itself is only the beginning. After its preparation and submission to the court, start preparing for the hearing. It is also important to remember that a lawsuit is filed in a district court, not a district court. Once you’ve drafted or received a lawsuit, it’s a good idea to start making a list of expectations. If we want a divorce with a guilty verdict, this is especially important.

What happens after filing or receiving a lawsuit?

All divorce lawyersk now what to do when you receive or file for divorce. For this reason, when hiring a lawyer, we do not have to worry about anything. However, it is worth being aware of how the divorce hearing proceeds. We will be informed about its date. During the divorce, both parties will be able to present their position. You can do it yourself or through a lawyer. During the hearing, the court may ask the parties questions. The parties may also ask each other questions, but the answer should always be directed to the court. Of course, in order to obtain a divorce, it is necessary to prove that there has been a permanent breakdown of the marriage. This applies to three levels: emotional, economic and physical. So if it turns out that the couple is having regular sex, the court may not grant a divorce. Might as well not say it then when children would suffer as a result of divorce. We must forget about divorce also when its ruling would result in breaking the rules of social coexistence. Interestingly, the court will not grant consent to a divorce when its decision is requested only by the spouse responsible for the breakdown of the marriage. Of course, divorce can be granted if the other spouse agrees. In practice, however, the court does not know everything. He only knows what the parties tell him. Of course, you can hire a detective and get the necessary evidence, for example, treason. However, it must be taken into account that such a solution will not always be possible. The costs associated with hiring a private investigator can be considerable. Dress smartly when going to court. Otherwise, we can make a negative impression with our appearance. In extreme cases, we may even be thrown out of court. Inappropriate clothing is not in line with the dignity of the court.

What else should be considered?

If you decide to file for a divorce, you have to take into account that the court charges a fee for filing a lawsuit. Unfortunately, it is quite large and costs several hundred zlotys. If we pay upfront, the hearing will go faster. It should be taken into account that it will also be expensive to hire a lawyer . Of course, there may always be additional costs. If the court decrees a divorce through our fault, alimony may be awarded to the ex-spouse. Unfortunately, you will have to pay them even when our financial situation leaves much to be desired. It’s worth being aware of.

Anyone who is planning a divorce must also be aware that there may be several divorce hearings. If one of the parties files for a divorce on fault, it rarely ends in one trial. It is also worth considering whether there are any reasons for the court to rule on the spouse’s guilt. The most common reason will be alcoholism, but also lack of time for a spouse or neglecting children. If a divorcing couple has minor children, the court will have to decide which parent will take care of the children. In most cases, children stay with their mother. However, you should be aware that this is not the rule.

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