Jaka gotowa gładź szpachlowa?

What ready putty?

What ready putty? Ready-made putty is an increasingly popular solution, due to the fact that the price of this solution is more and more attractive, and the time savings in this case are huge.

How to apply the plaster? What are the advantages and disadvantages of loose plasters? Which of the pros and cons of ready-made plasters are worth highlighting? What ready-made putty is worth attention? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

How to apply the plaster?

How should plaster coats be applied ? Before starting this seemingly complicated process, we should repair any damage to the walls. All cavities should be filled with putty. It is worth realizing that the putty knife should be slightly larger than the putty place. Once we have made all the repairs, and additionally removed the old paint, we need to deal with priming. Thanks to this, gypsum fillers  have even better adhesion, which is associated with durability. Laying the ready-made gypsum plaster should start from the ceiling, in the direction from the window to the interior door. As for the second layer, it is applied perpendicular to the first. It is worth remembering that in the case of a large apartment, all work should start from the ceiling.Loose gypsum plaster can be applied both manually, using specialized tools, and mechanically, using an advanced device. The surface can be leveled and smoothed with a special pen. On the second day, we start the process of finishing the ceilings – because the plaster is 100% dry there. All finishing works consist in making the necessary corrections and smoothing out irregularities using fine-grained sandpaper. Do not use heaters, because when the surface dries too quickly, then we have to take into account the consequences.

Loose coats – advantages and disadvantages

Drywall has both advantages and disadvantages. First of all, the powder form makes this material economically attractive. This is a popular type of plaster, because it is able to perfectly level even the largest unevenness. It is possible to create layers as thick as 3 mm, which is certainly a satisfactory value. Another great advantage of this solution is the fact that it is possible to grind loose plasters. As a consequence, a uniform structure is created that is ready for painting. Unfortunately, there are no perfect solutions, the same is true in this case. Despite many advantages, loose plasters also have disadvantages. Putty on the outsidein loose form can cause material losses. There is no denying that the perfect measurement of the required amount of material is very difficult, often even impossible. In addition, we will not always get a consistency that is noteworthy, so the plaster lacks adhesion or flows down the wall. However, before we decide to mix this product, we should carefully read the information that is visible on the packaging. The content is mixed with a mixer until a homogeneous, easy-to-apply mass is obtained, free from lumps.

Pros and cons of finished plasters

Finished plasters do not have to be mixed, consequently it is possible to save a lot of time. In practice, you only need to buy a container and then open it. Plaster plaster is recommended for people who are able to determine how much material is needed to cover the entire room. This is extremely important, because the finished plaster, after opening, can only be used for a short period of time, which is of course worth bearing in mind. Gypsum plaster finish  is a common phenomenon in old buildings – there the problem with the large curvature of the walls is quite big. Unfortunately, the plaster is readyit is not suitable for applying thick layers, thus straightening the walls or eliminating large defects is problematic, and sometimes even impossible. In addition, the plasters need at least 6 hours to harden, and only after this time can we apply the second layer. Unfortunately, ready-made gypsum plasters are also quite expensive. When we deduct potential material losses, then the final cost will be much higher than in the case of loose plasters, which is worth bearing in mind.

What ready-made putty is worth attention?

Some people wonder what ready-made gypsum putty will be the optimal solution. Well, we should be aware that the price of putty is important. Depending on the manufacturer, as well as the type, it may be slightly different. Efficiency is also an important issue. This type of information is provided on the packaging, which is why it is so important to read the information on this subject regularly. There is no way to forget that the putty must guarantee perfect straightening of the walls – after all, this is the only reason we decide to buy this product.

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