Gdzie postawić domek holenderski nad morzem?

Where to put a Dutch house by the sea?

Where to put a Dutch house by the sea? Probably everyone has come across the term Dutch houses. However, still not many people know what such houses really are. That is why we decided to provide you with some key information on this subject, and in particular on where to put a mobile home by the sea in the best place. We invite!

What are Dutch houses?

Dutch houses are nothing more than a kind of building object, which is intended primarily for temporary use, i.e. one that, for example, refers to the summer period when we go on vacation. Therefore, such houses are not suitable for year-round living. It should also be noted that Dutch houses have been strictly regulated by the Building Law Act.

Why have Dutch houses gained so much popularity?

Mobile homes are gaining more and more popularity every year. Well, as statistics show, since 2018 their construction has increased by as much as 30 percent. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, including such issues as: low costs, speed of construction, the ability to change the location of such a house at any time, as well as the fact that no special certificate is required to erect them. However, it should be noted that such houses, apart from their various advantages, also have some disadvantages.

What are the disadvantages of Dutch houses?

Well, when it comes to the disadvantages of Dutch houses, it should be said that they can include, above all, such issues as:

      • in order to erect such a Dutch house, it is required to own the plot or lease it
      • lack of proper care of a Dutch house can significantly contribute to the fact that it will not be suitable for year-round use

Is it profitable to build Dutch houses these days?

When it comes to the question of whether it is profitable to build Dutch houses nowadays, it must be said with all firmness that it is a profitable activity. This is mainly due to the fact that this type of houses has many more advantages than disadvantages. Well, it should also be noted that Dutch houses are also characterized by the fact that they are very low in costs when it comes to, among other things, the aspect of their maintenance, and besides, they are very easy to build.

Building a Dutch house by the sea – where is the best place to do it?

Putting up Dutch houses by the sea has become very popular in recent years. Therefore, it must be said that the best location for their placement is the area as close to the sea as possible. Because then we will have a guarantee that a much larger group of tourists will want to rent such a house from us for the duration of their stay at the seaside, because the location of such houses will be much more attractive to them. However, of course, if there is another need, there are no major problems to be able to move such a house at any time.

Do mobile homes meet all the standards of normal homes?

Mobile homes meet all the necessary standards that can be found in normal homes. This is especially true for heating and air conditioning.

Is it possible to build a Dutch house on every type of plot?

Where to put a Dutch house by the sea?

When discussing whether such a type of house can be erected on any type of plot, it should be said first of all that a Dutch house, which does not have a permanently attached ground and does not require a building permit, should be able to place it on any plot. However, it should be remembered that the dormancy of such a Dutch house on a given plot cannot exceed a period of 120 days. Therefore, it must be remembered, among other things, that if such a period expires, then the object must be moved to another plot. However, if it is not possible to move such a Dutch house after 120 days, it will be necessary to obtain nothing else but a building permit, and as is well known, sometimes obtaining such permission may take longer than we would like. In such a situation, it should be remembered, above all, that such a building permit is also required to the same extent when we plan nothing else than to erect a house that will be permanently attached to a given land. In such a situation, a given building will fully meet all the requirements relating to the issue of various recreational homes. Therefore, a given plot on which such a house will be erected should be appropriately allocated for housing or recreational development. It is also necessary to pay special attention to the fact that if a given Dutch-type house is erected on a plot.

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