Dlaczego warto zainwestować w fotowoltaikę?

Why is it worth investing in photovoltaics?

Why is it worth investing in photovoltaics? Photovoltaics is gaining more and more popularity in Poland. Until recently, it seemed to us that renewable energy sources in our country would simply not catch on. Meanwhile, it turned out that becoming independent from the electricity supplier also entails a number of additional benefits. Which ones exactly? Why should we invest in photovoltaics? we answer.

Savings and independence

Most people decide to install a photovoltaic installation for financial reasons. Thanks to photovoltaics, we can really save a lot. How much exactly? To begin with, let’s look at the costs, i.e. the amounts that we have to invest in the purchase of photovoltaic sets and their installation. The value of the investment itself depends to a large extent on our demand for electricity. Experts advise to choose solar panels so that they are able to obtain the right amount of energy for a given household. It is about maximizing the benefits of using photovoltaics. If we generate as much electricity as we consume on our own, our energy bills will be reduced to an absolute minimum. The cost of purchasing photovoltaic panels starts from about PLN 8,000. Nevertheless, we must take into account that that in order to meet the electricity demand of a medium-sized household, we spend much more. Sometimes the cost of a photovoltaic installation reaches up to PLN 80,000. However, this applies to a situation where photovoltaics are also to be used to heat the house. The investment in photovoltaics usually pays for itself within a few years. All because we pay minimum electricity bills. Thanks to perfectly matched panels, we can only pay fixed fees. They serve, among other things, to maintain the distribution network. This also allows you to become independent from power outages, as well as protect against ever-increasing energy costs.

An ecological source of energy

Photovoltaics are classified as so-called alternative energy sources. These are essentially inexhaustible, renewable sources – unlike coal, for example. We all realize the importance of taking care of our environment. For this reason, we save water or choose energy-efficient household appliances. Nevertheless, this is still not enough to be able to talk about being green. Why? Because we use a lot of electricity on a daily basis. We charge our phones, watch TV or use a washing machine or dishwasher. All these devices consume huge amounts of electricity. It flows into our households from power plants, so we often don’t realize that actually excessive use of electricity is ruining our environment. We can prevent this if we start using alternative energy sources, such as photovoltaics. It works perfectly in our climate, unlike solar panels or wind turbines.

Household subsidies

We can currently obtain various types of subsidies for photovoltaics. Some of them come from budgetary funds, others are granted by specific communes at their discretion. Most often, Poles use the My Electricity program – here the subsidy is about PLN 5,000 and is non-refundable. Some communes grant up to PLN 15,000 in subsidies for photovoltaics. They usually include those that have been fighting smog for years without success. The point is that people should also start heating their homes with electricity. Who can apply for a grant? First of all, individuals who want to use alternative energy sources. Most often they are the owners of households – one-person family houses.

Tax deduction

Recently, expenses for photovoltaics can also be deducted from income tax. The thermomodernization relief is available to natural persons who are owners of houses using photovoltaics. We can deduct a total of 53,000 over 6 years! The deduction is made in the annual tax return. If we want to use it, we must have appropriate documents confirming the purchase of materials or services. We do not have the right to deduct only the amounts of expenditure by us that come from subsidies. Thanks to the thermomodernization relief, it may turn out that we will become the owners of a photovoltaic installation even for free!

Photovoltaics for companies

It turns out that not only individuals, but also companies are willing to invest in photovoltaics. Why? First of all, they have the opportunity to become independent from their electricity supplier. Remember that electricity purchased by companies is much more expensive than that purchased by households. What’s more, thanks to photovoltaics, companies can be called socially responsible. This is an excellent advertisement, especially for people who value an ecological lifestyle. Enterprises can thus combine business with pleasure, and additionally gain a lot from it! Although the government has not provided any relief for them, in the long run photovoltaics for companies are very profitable.

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